About Us

Are you planning to buy or sell your home? Or maybe you are looking for a property as an investment opportunity.

Whether you are planning to buy or sell we would love http://find-bride-review.com/ the opportunity to serve you. Buying or selling a property is a big step towards your future and we would like to help you find the best property available or sell your home at the best value possible.

There are many qualities and skills that go into providing top customer service when it comes to helping you buy or sell your home. Excellence, integrity, honesty, market knowledge and effective negotiation are skills we are proud to cultivate in all of our team members. We are here to assist you in finding your home, investment or a bank REO property.

In our experience as real estate business professionals, we’ve found that providing the very best service is essentially about putting our clients first. This means keeping us accessible, being a good listenerers as well as a good communicators, and responding quickly to your needs.

Our business philosophy is to continually improve our skills and level of service. In addition, we work with the latest technologies to work in a quickly and efficient way for our customers

So when you decide to buy or sell a home in California, contact Abi Robledo and our team at Haven Realty World.

We have agents to serve you in California including: Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Coachella Valley, San Fernando Valley and Orange County.


Meet Abi

Abi Robledo is the broker and owner at Haven Realty Group and after many years working with families in Southern Calfornia, he has build a team of professional, knowleagable and friendly agents.
Abi is continually learning the latest in technology and real estate to better serve each one of his customers.

Customer Testimonial:
“I had the opportunity to work with Abi on multiple real estate find-bride comments transactions. During this time, I was able to witness Abi’s attention to detail, and his desire to continually learn. An example of this was when Ticor Title was offering a new software program, Ticor Bottomline, that streamlines business for real estate customers. Abi’s attention and interaction throughout the training process echoed his detail oriented mindset and desire to learn. I would not hesitate to refer Abi to my friends or family.” – Scott